We craft mobile apps and software solutions for the Internet of Things.


We’re a team of designers, mobile engineers and firmware developers with a passion for connecting users to the technology they love. We combine UX/UI design, mobile engineering, firmware development, and the internet to bring products to the connected world.

Research and Prototyping

 We’ll take your rough ideas and iterate quickly to determine requirements, scope, and best practices before you make a commitment that limits your path. Usability testing, design sprints, and rapid prototyping let us give you a solid view of what you can expect from a full-blown project before ever committing to code.

UX & UI Design

We create interfaces and prototypes then test them with real world users, iterating quickly to validate features and design feedback. We think great UX should be as invisible as possible while providing your users with the features and experiences they expect.

Native App Development

We complement our broad knowledge of the iOS and Android platforms with a team well-versed in hardware and software. We develop test plans that are designed to assure quality in market, and our on-site QA specialists are technically savvy, helping to save time and resources as your project is brought to code.

Mobile & IoT

Mobile devices make the perfect platform for interfacing with the world around you. Thermometers, O2 sensors, heart rate monitors, watches and more can deliver critical information to your users. We engineer creative and engaging solutions to bring these products to life.

Firmware Development

We also specialize in firmware development for custom IoT products and can provide solutions to the most complicated problems. Custom firmware updates ensure that your product can evolve in the wild to suit the needs of your users.

Server & Web Development

While we mainly focus on the iOS and Android platforms, we also provide server-side solutions and hosting to complement those services. Apps rarely live on their own and are often a component of a much larger ecosystem.

Localization & Translation

We have expertise in designing flexible UIs that translate seamlessly in any language and also work with translation companies to get the most accurate localization for your app. Many of our team memebrs are also fluent in Spanish, allowing us to develop code in Spanish with English translations.

Usability Testing & Analytics

We use qualitative and quantitative techniques to design our usability tests. We ask the right audience the right questions and then use those answers to improve your app. We continue this process once your product goes to market to determine how it’s being used and where to make changes in your next release.

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850 Central Parkway East, Suite 160, Plano, TX 75074
e: Info@krasamo.com | p: 214.418.3347

850 Central Parkway East, Suite 160
Plano, TX 75074

e: Info@krasamo.com
p: 214.418.3347

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