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Krasamo, Inc. is a Texas-based mobile app development company with more than ten years of experience in developing innovative, responsive, and scalable solutions with agile methodologies.

Krasamo’s IT Services in the San Antonio Market

Our teams can provide managed IT services throughout San Antonio, Corpus Christy, McCallen, and El Paso, Texas.

Krasamo engages in collaborative partnerships with clients, understanding the app economy’s complexities and uncertainties.

Gain “know-how” and have access to our innovative techniques from day one!

  • Innovate with new products
  • Shorten development cycles and processes
  • Become agile
  • Implement creative processes
  • Adopt a “learn and adapt” mindset
  • Build a UX and development team
  • Grow with DevOps strategies and practices

Learn More About Krasamo’s Mobile App Development in San Antonio

Project Management: Project management often determines the success of a project—and failure is the result of poor planning and execution. At Krasamo, we strive to drive performance and a high output level through a process and methodology that align goals and aspirations, company values, and culture with project requirements.

Before the mobile app development process begins, it is critical to understand and apply these principles to your project and specifications.

Discuss Methodologies

  • Agile—Scrum, SAFe
  • Lean
  • Kanban Scheduling

Coordinate Project Management

  • Initiate and Plan
  • Execute
  • Deliver

Project Initiation And Planning

  • Discuss goals and scope
  • Deliverables (expected outcomes)
  • Timeline and budget

Goals Criteria

  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Specific, Measurable, Attainable
  • Relevant, and Time-Bound

Scope—Evaluate Requirements

  • Documentation, and agreements
  • Cost-benefit analysis and project charter
  • Statement of Work (SoW)


  • Quantify tangible outcomes
  • Iterative development in small increments
  • Scope monitoring during the lifecycle

Stakeholders’ and sponsors’ expectations—

  • Analyze and manage consensus and buy-in
  • Develop RACI chart

Identify Resources—Skills, people, processes

  • Define project roles
  • Assign accountability

Mobile App Development in San Antonio

Front-End App Development: Krasamo can help you develop visual and interactive applications—with a designated team of developers and designers to create the client-side (front-end) components that reside on the device and connect with the back-end through custom and existing APIs and SDKs.

Our skilled developers can work on mobile app development for iOS and Android using an appropriate programming language and front-end frameworks to achieve a successful outcome.

Android Development
iOS Development

How do I choose front-end framework? Together we’ll consider these options:

Xamarin Logo
React Native Logo
Bootstrap Logo
Angular Framework
Ionic Logo
Vue JS Logo

Conduct Organizational Structure and Culture Sense Analysis: Vision and Mindset: Understand, accept, and adapt

  • Culture, values, and strategy
  • Management and decision-making styles
  • Project governance and change adaptation
  • Policies, regulations, functions, procedures, and responsibilities will influence project implementation and monitoring

UX Research and User Experience A Human-Centered Design Process

User experience (UX) research helps define specific functions for products and detects usability problems early in the process, providing the opportunity to solve problems in the requirements phase, thereby saving time in the UX/UI design and development process. UX research techniques reduce failure rates and help capture requirements.

Krasamo UX teams focus on discovering and validating usability criteria as well as understanding users, tasks, and environments.

Focus Groups

Card Sorting

Contextual Inquiry Scenarios

Remote UX Studies

Affinity Diagramming

Usability Metrics

Field Visits

Competitor Studies

UI/UX Design

UX teams involve users and observe their behavior in context to understand their needs, exposing them early to design concepts with multiple assumptions. These teams perform usability testing with artifacts, prototypes, and system demos throughout the design and development process.

Krasamo provides an iterative–agile design process of continuous design and testing, through feedback and learning, until the product is refined and users reach a delightful experience.

  • Information Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • AB Testing
  • UI Design Patterns
  • User Interface Controls
  • Mockups
  • Design Principles
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes
  • Sketching
  • Storyboards
  • Prototyping
  • User Stories
  • Use Cases
  • Flow Chart

User experience is so important that consumers are often willing to pay a premium for digital products with improved usability.

Doing Business in San Antonio

San Antonio is the third largest metropolitan area in Texas—a strong city offering many business incentives. Krasamo is actively looking to provide IT services for partners in the San Antonio region.

San Antonio offers an open collaboration environment with a robust information technology industry and cybersecurity ecosystem, military tech, and IT services. The city is home to the FBI cyber division and the Texas branch of the NSA.

San Antonio’s business environment is ideal, with excellent educational opportunities and growth projections—and it is strategically located to serve the South Texas area as well as Mexico.

Principal San Antonio-based corporations include Methodist Healthcare System, USAA, H-E-B, Rackspace Technology, Zachry Group, Valero Energy, Whataburger, Petco, and Rush Enterprises.

If your business is looking for a mobile application developer in the San Antonio market

Back-End App Development San Antonio: Developers build server-side services (back-end) with infrastructure and logic, then leverage them with third-party services adaptative to the solution—connecting the application to libraries, databases, and other programs.

What is the best back-end option for mobile apps? Popular development tools include:

Firebase Logo
Django Logo
Spring Logo
Rails Logo
Express Logo
Sails Logo
Node JS Logo

What is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

At Krasamo, our teams work with IDE applications to support development in a standardized environment in order to write code offering control and customization. When choosing app development tools, it is important to discuss IDEs, as this is the environment that supports the programming languages, operating systems, automation features, plugins, processing capacity, extensions, and integration with CI/CD tools and other project requirements. We consider which version control system to use as well as the language and compiling capabilities, the debugging tools, and more. An initial assessment with your Krasamo engineer consultant can provide support for these points and clarify any questions you may have.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

VS Code is a lightweight open-source code editor developed by Microsoft, with support for debugging, task running, and version control. It supports Java, JavaScript, Go, NodeJS, Python, and C++. It has a source control built-in feature to use Git and Subversion to create repositories and make push and pull requests directly.


Xcode is an integrated development environment for building apps in macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Xcode provides a unified SDK to run natively on Intel-based CPUs and Apple Silicone with compilers, frameworks, and debugging tools. Xcode manages the entire workflow and integrates source-code with Git version controls.

Android Studio.

Android Studio is the official IDE for building apps for Android devices in Java or Kotlin. It is a robust and flexible unified environment that provides testing tools, frameworks, and integration with version control tools, including built-in tools for Google Cloud Platforms and connection with Firebase.

Visual Studio.

VS is a feature-rich integrated development environment (IDE) created by Microsoft. Optimized for cross-platform mobile app development, VS has many productivity features. Some popular features include compilers, refactoring, Intellisense (code completion tool) tracking, and sharing code with others using Git. Visual Studio supports many built-in programming languages directly and through plug-ins and many other functionalities as a service in VSPackages.

Mobile App Development Languages

Which language is best for mobile app development? Our teams make assessments and recommendations, but in general, the best mobile app development language depends on the type of application (native, cross-platform, or web-based), the app’s requirements, the team’s skills, and the language’s capacity to leverage frameworks, languages, the application’s integrated development environment (IDE), and platforms.

Krasamo teams work with a number of popular languages:
Dart Logo
JavaScript Logo
Kotlin Logo
Java Logo

Quality Assurance: Krasamo’s
App Testing Services in San Antonio

Our teams test apps using manual or automated tools to optimize usability, functionality, and performance throughout the development process. We analyze app components and results using emulators and physical devices that provide relevant feedback.

App testing validates test cases and scenarios to determine if features are working correctly.

Mobile App Testing Tools:

Firebase Logo
Appium Logo

Krasamo’s Nearshore Software Development Company

When developing mobile apps in the San Antonio area, Krasamo can offer clients lower mobile app development costs by developing the application in our Aguascalientes facilities, where an experienced team can fully develop the app or parts of the app in partnership with our U.S. developers.

Learn how a nearshoring engagement in Mexico can accelerate your software development.

Want to learn how to structure a mobile app development team? Or more about how much it costs to build an app?

Or what engagement model options are available when you work with a mobile app development agency?

Mobile App Development Services in San Antonio

Krasamo works with Lean–Agile principles and collaborative cross-functional teams in an iterative approach from concept to launch. Our UI/UX designers communicate with developers to ensure they continue focusing on users and refining the app according to feedback.

Our developers are autonomous to execute tasks and follow Scrum or SAFe frameworks with a team of product owners, designers, and project managers. Project work is completed in sprints (two-week

periods) with ongoing team participation in events for planning, communication (daily standups), development work, review, and retrospective.

Our teams make every effort to analyze, implement, and monitor product requirements and changes through a shared understanding as they move together toward achieving project goals.