Accelerate Your Software Development by Nearshoring in Mexico

by May 25, 2020#DigitalStrategy

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When looking to outsource software development projects to other countries, the terms offshore, onshore, and nearshore usually come up. Originally companies began to outsource to other countries such as India, China, and Poland to save money.

But as technologies continue to evolve in complexity in addition to cultural differences and time zone hurdles, many began to look for nearby options.

The offshoring market has evolved to meet the aggressive and efficient demands of customer needs, and Mexico has seen impressive organic growth in technology services, pushed by foreign companies and their subsidiaries. Over the years, Mexico has become the best nearshore location for American companies to reduce the barriers of traditional offshoring and obtain more innovative solutions.

Advantages of Nearshoring in Mexico

  • Cost Advantage. Lower Salaries, travel expenses, flying time,etc.
  • Highly skilled talent. Great technological universities.
  • Proximity & Time-Zone. Travel back and forth to meet with the team.
  • Real-Time communication. Available during your business hours. Increase responsiveness and decreasing turnaround times.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights. United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Updated and Modernized Protections. No custom duties for Software.
  • Work Visa Ease. Nafta professional workers visa. Developers sponsored by U.S. companies can travel to the USA.
  • Various Contracting modes. Scope based. Time and materials. Near-shoring. Resource-based model
  • Culturally similar and excellent English-speaking skills – this usually reflects in more effective communication.

There are enough reasons to explore your options in nearshore development. But for every company, there will be many specific reasons to choose this path. Nearshore to Mexico is usually a win-win situation.

U.S. Reliable Nearshoring partner in Mexico

Finding the right partner with the knowledge and skills to develop your solution is no easy task. Hiring a U.S. based company like Krasamo, with headquarters in Dallas and developers in Aguascalientes, Mexico, will significantly reduce your risks as you are dealing with a U.S. company with a proven record of successful projects.

To combat the talent shortage in the U.S. and to offer cost-efficient / competitive and high-quality solutions, our company leverages the nearshore model along with local resources to improve operations.

Mexico has become an I.T. cluster with a highly skilled workforce and the leading Latin American country in science, artificial intelligence, and application of technology according to the 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI).

Besides, Mexico was one of the first countries in the world to launch a national A.I. strategy and ranks top in the Oxford Insights Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index 2019 for Latin American countries.


Although nearshoring might be a little more expensive than traditional offshoring to India or China, the hidden cost of running a team on the other side of the world might end up being more costly and time-consuming.

About Us: Krasamo is a mobile-first digital services and consulting company focused on the Internet-of-Things and Digital Transformation.

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