Nearshore IoT Development in Mexico

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Krasamo has more than 12 years of experience in Internet of Things (IoT) and DevOps teams working with Lean-agile methodologies to overcome challenges

Nearshoring IoT Development in Mexico is a source of advantages for customers that opt to partner with a specialized U.S-based IoT development company with an In-house Nearshoring Development Center.

Nearshore IoT developers build software that runs on IoT devices that connect things or objects, enabling interactions of devices and data with the physical world.

A nearshore IoT software development team can be integrated with your existing team to bring IoT capabilities, participate in solving design challenges of your specific use case, and provide ongoing support—and cost advantages can be passed on to customers.

Krasamo is a U.S. corporation with headquarters and operations in Dallas, Texas, and an in-house software development center in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Nearshore IoT Development in Mexico


Firmware Development

Krasamo designs and develops firmware for industrial and commercial applications to control low-level functions, choosing the best technologies and connectivity options. We develop firmware for microcontrollers (MCU) and systems on chip (SoC).
Key Technologies include C/C++, Linux, BSP, Rust, FreeRTOS, Bluetooth/BLE, BLE Mesh Embedded Wi-Fi, Flutter, Dart, SPI, I2C.

IoT-based Applications

Krasamo builds IoT mobile applications to provide functionality and access to IoT devices, cloud connections, and management services. We build predictive quality models for industrial applications, predictive maintenance, home automation, and other machine learning applications.
Key Technologies include iOS (Swift & Objective-C), Android (Java and Kotlin), Xamarin/C#, Python, Flutter/Dart.

Web Front-End for IoT

Krasamo designs and implements web interface and monitoring solutions for industrial IoT and commercial applications. We use RESTful web technologies to create responsive and engaging web interfaces for embedded systems with very limited computational ability, providing users with local and remote connectivity.
Key Technologies include Angular, VueJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, WordPress.

Cloud-Native Microservices for IoT

Krasamo develops back-end services in Java, Go, JavaScript, and Python, and connects mobile and IoT devices to back-end infrastructure through modular microservices architecture.
Key Technologies include Javascript, Java, Go, gPRC, Tomcat, Payara, GlassFish, Java Spring, NodeJS.

IoT Edge Development

IoT edge devices are physically located and operated at the network edge and have storage and computing power to process data locally in real time as well as respond to product requirements and user needs. Nearshore IoT developers ensure that your computing, storage, and networking infrastructure is designed to work at the edge.

Docker IoT

IoT edge computing may deploy workloads and run services within containers. Krasamo can create IoT applications using container images that enable users to run and ship applications faster to edge devices. Deploying container-based applications on edge devices provides a consistent environment and enables app portability across production environments and edge locations.

IoT Analytics—Data Services

Krasamo designs and builds IoT analytics architecture models with data flow logic for performing workflow analysis to run and operationalize IoT data. Nearshore IoT teams develop data analytics processes that integrate and execute analysis in real time.

IoT Device Management

IoT device management is critical for any IoT operation. Krasamo develops IoT apps and services that handle IoT devices end-to-end with visualizations in real time. We can organize devices into groups with triggering rules for detecting patterns and behaviors.

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Connect IoT Products to Cloud Services

Krasamo connects IoT devices and builds interactions with cloud services and applications. Devices are onboarded to the cloud provider console through SDKs that connect the device with the platform that authenticates and authorizes the device. Physical devices are represented in the cloud as “things” and are onboarded to a cloud platform.

IoT Connection and Management Services

  • IoT Device Management
  • Storage Services
  • Development of Edge Application Tools
  • Device Test Automation Frameworks
  • Device and Mobile SDKs for choosing any hardware platform
  • Device Security Services
  • Notification Services
  • Messaging Services
  • Monitoring Services

Compute Services

  • Compute Engine, GPUs, VMs, TPUs
  • Cloud Run and Cloud Functions
  • Search and Analytics Engine
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Virtual Machines Engine
  • Distributed Cloud Services

Database Services

  • SQL
  • IoT Analytics and Data Services
  • IoT Gateway Software
  • Data Events Monitoring
  • Data Warehouse/Data Lakes

Communication Protocols

  • IoT devices publish and subscribe to messages using a protocol and connect to a broker through device end- points using authentication methods.
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Data
  • Radio Frequency Communications
  • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)—devices and apps accessing cloud services
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security)—encrypt connections between devices and cloud service
  • WebSocket

Mesh Networks

IoT Devices

  • Customized IoT devices
  • System on a Chip (SoC), Microcontrollers
  • Raspberry PI (single-board computer)
  • Arduino
  • Voice Assistance
  • Device Gateways


Interface components are used for connecting devices and communicating with the physical world. Krasamo builds user interfaces for communicating with devices and users. Input interfaces communicate from a user to a device, and output interfaces communicate from a device to a user.

Sensors and actuators are both interfaces that enhance the proper monitoring of systems. Sensors measure a value from the physical world, such as temperature or humidity, and then convert that information into a value that is understood by the device (input component), while actuators receive an electric signal or voltage output to control and turn it into a physical action.

Voice Assistance Integration

Krasamo can build voice-assistance functionality into microcontrollers, create companion apps, and integrate through SDKs, APIs, and software extensions.

Top Benefits of Nearshoring
IoT Development to Mexico:

1. Political stability and legal protection
2. Benefits from trade agreements and Intellectual Property (IP) protection
3. Similar time zones help create strong and cohesive teams
4. Proximity permits face-to-face meetings and reduces travel time
5. Cultural affinities create higher team engagement
6. Cost advantages can be passed on to the customer
7. Faster project execution with experienced talent
8. Collaboration model of work

Krasamo is a nearshore software development firm with more than 12 years of proven experience in building IoT systems, applications, and firmware for medium and large U.S. customers

About Us: Krasamo is a US company that provides nearshore software development and IT services in Mexico.

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