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Get Your App Ready for iOS 13

New release of iOS 13 and Xcode 11 by Jose Luis Vega Romero With the new release of iOS 13 and Xcode 11 we could expect nice features, new devices, cool things to try but at the same time some of the updates could be disrupting for your app if not taking the...

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Why Use Kotlin?

Kotlin by Carlos Rodriguez Kotlin is a new programming language, it is designed to interoperate fully with Java. It offers a more concise syntax for developers, but also, it can improve the quality of your app due that its null safety checks, by default it won’t allow...

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SwiftUI: Build A Beautiful UI with Fewer Errors

SwiftUI by Marcos Pinet Swift UI was one of the most exciting announcements at WWDC 2019. This new framework makes it easier and faster for developers to build better user interface code with fewer errors, providing nearly automatic support for device capabilities...

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TensorFlow goes beyond improving customer experience

The newest features of tensor flow by Claudia Elizabeth Garcia Gallegos TensorFlow is a Machine Learning cross-platform that has started to be adopted widely worldwide. Even though TensorFlow was just released by Google in 2015, it has grown from a software library of...

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ARCore a platform to build AR apps

The new generation of mobile apps by Claudia Elizabeth Garcia Gallegos During Google I/O 2019, one of the most attractive announcements was about Augmented Reality.  Each year, more people are getting access to technology, so the market for technology creators is...

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Don’t worry about servers just build greatness

Google launches Cloud Run by Jose Luis Vega Romero How to provide the right infrastructure to a project that scales well, is robust and secure are not straightforward tasks. Google Cloud has taken significant steps in delivering solutions where the supporting...

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Bring your existing iPad App to the Mac

iPad Apps for Mac by Marcos Pinet Have you ever said: “this iPad App would be great on the Mac”? Before Xcode 11, the only way to accomplish that was to have two separate code bases, one for iPad, and one for Mac. This came with its entire set of issues to maintain,...

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Machine Learning, just begin to be imagined

Machine Learning in Apple Ecosystem by Guillermo Reyes The scope of machine learning is just beginning to be imagined. The number of applications has increased at a humongous rate in the last years. Nowadays, almost all activity that includes data user analysis relies...

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A specific OS to take advantage of the iPad

The new OS for iPad by Guillermo Reyes During the WWDC 2019 Apple revealed the new iPadOS, a specific OS to take advantage of the iPad characteristics and capabilities. Since iOS 9 multitasking capabilities have been present for the iPad with specific features such...

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The new era of machine learning

Machine Learning a help for humanity by Jose Luis Vega Romero Modern machine learning methods have been around for more than 10 years, but it seems that recently there is a trend to add machine learning to a wider range of applications including medicine, agriculture,...

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