Krasamo’s Open Source NPM Module for Keycloak Integration

by Mar 5, 2024#DigitalTransformation, #HomePage

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As a developer, architect, or tech business owner, you’ll often find that authentication, single sign-on, and other IAM tools are essential for a successful application. Yet, they can be time-consuming to implement and have numerous cybersecurity considerations.

Node packages are widely used in application development because they offer easy and efficient methods for creating custom applications. Depending on the module, these packages can be either internal or external. NPM packages, in particular, allow for code reuse, specification of package versions, dependencies, and scripts. They also support encapsulation and facilitate easy distribution. These features make them highly sought-after.

On the other hand, there’s Keycloak, a platform offering Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities. It’s ideal for developers who need IAM functionalities but lack the time to write the extensive code required for a flawless implementation.

Some services provided by Keycloak include single sign-on, identity brokering, user federation, authentication and registration, multi-factor authentication, session management, user management, and CORS support. Additionally, software engineers benefit from features like event logging (covering all the services above), clustering, and an admin console for streamlined configuration and management.

Most applications, especially those beyond merely displaying public content, require these tools and capabilities for enhanced security. However, in many application development projects, constraints like time, budget, and understanding the business domain keep developers focused on the primary functionality of the application. With Keycloak, they can delegate these complex security responsibilities.

Pain Points When  Creating an Integration with an IAM Solution

The Keycloak API, while powerful and feature-rich, can be complex to implement in custom app development projects. Its high customizability means outcomes can be achieved in various ways, offering ample room for reusability as engineers develop their applications.

However, integrating Keycloak demands continuous maintenance, especially with version upgrades. Such upgrades may disrupt existing functionality, necessitating regular upkeep from the development team to ensure smooth functionality.

Security must be taken very seriously, especially when ensuring user information is handled correctly and safeguarded. Achieving this level of secure integration adds complexity for teams creating their API connections from scratch.

Some of the security concerns include:

  • Insecure token handling
  • Lack of input validation
  • Session management flaws
  • Integration logic errors
  • Error handling flaws


Some of what is needed to maintain an IAM Solution Integration working correctly include:

  • Thorough testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Audits
  • Thorough code review sessions
  • Security architecture and involvement of security engineers/consultants


Krasamo has developed an NPM module suitable for any development team. This versatile module enables applications to manage users, easily retrieve user details, create new users based on specific parameters, configure email servers for individual users, update stored user information, and reset passwords, whether for temporary or long-term use, among other functionalities.

This node package is designed for any team aiming to integrate Keycloak’s services into their code. It offers a simplified and scalable security implementation, catering even to smaller teams seeking efficiency and security. Additionally, this package will provide an efficient way to connect to Keycloak’s APIs, potentially saving developers countless hours they’d otherwise spend crafting APIs to get and push information to and from Keycloak databases.

In an era where security can make or break an application, tools like Keycloak and Krasamo’s npm module are indispensable assets. They stand as evidence of the evolution of AIM integration, ensuring both functionality and security hand in hand.

We invite you to explore Krasamo’s NPM module and share your experiences by visiting our product page Keycloak-TypeScript.   

Also, visit our GitHub page Krasamo/keycloak-typescript to download the middleware library and simplify the integration of Keycloak with your project.


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