We are agile.

Krasamo’s Agile design and development approach improves collaboration, embraces data-driven continuous improvement, and delivers customer satisfaction.

Krasamo’s Agile design and development process

Our Process

The software development process at Krasamo follows the Agile-style methodology. It involves incremental and iterative goals which is also referred to as sprints. We use a project management tool called Redmine to assist in mapping client’s requirements into features and split these features into quantifiable tasks. This tool is also used in tracking issues and progress of the project. We hold standup meetings daily to track project schedule and make adjustments as needed.

Projects at Krasamo start with a requirement gathering process with a team of UI/UX designers, a project manager and a technical lead. After laying out the requirements, we closely work with our clients to propose solutions addressing their expectations and demands. We present a roadmap with a detailed list of tasks to envision the plan and timeline for the project. We appreciate clients who are actively involved in all the important decisions of the project to deliver beyond expectations. At any stage of the project, we provide our clients the ability to track progress and resource consumption to ensure complete transparency.

In the first stage of development, a team of creative UI/UX designers work on proposing various designs that meet client requirements. The design team then develops UI mockups and interactive prototypes that illustrate the functionality and design to help visualize the product. These mockups translate the tasks, help refine usability and explore user interactions to enhance the overall experience of the product. Since the development of a product solution is a time consuming process, we recommend and can provide usability studies to validate the design. To achieve this, we host focus group sessions engaging potential users of the application to test it and provide feedback. These results are analyzed and used to improve the design by creating functional and appealing features. Krasamo can provide both quantitative and qualitative usability studies.

Once the user interface is established, our team of knowledgeable and experienced software developers design the architecture of the system and work on implementing the design. Our primary objective is to build quality software that is demonstrable to our clients. Since we follow an Agile-style software development process, we release working software builds frequently (within few weeks). The intention is to measure our progress daily, receive customer’s feedback and foresee roadblocks if any.

At the end of each sprint, testing is performed to assure the quality of the product. This enables us to identify and resolve issues at earlier stages of the development. As part of each project, a test plan is designed and reviewed with the client. We can provide integration testing, exploratory testing and automated testing based upon client requirements. While we work on future builds, our version control mechanism is flexible enough to do instantaneous modifications to a previous deliverable without compromising the timeline of the project.

The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. – Sir Henry Royce