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  1. Flutter Development (Flutter 3)
  2. Looking to Hire a Flutter App Developer?
  3. Flutter App Development Services

Krasamo is a top Flutter app development company based in Dallas, Texas, with a subsidiary nearshore development company in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

We create native apps that are easy to navigate, have beautiful graphics, load quickly, and are accessible to a large universe of users with a single codebase while saving on development time and costs.

We can use Flutter to create an app from scratch or to implement features incrementally to your Android or iOS app. Flutter development allows us to create new features faster than ever with native performance and consistency.

Flutter has expressive widgets for creating a smooth UI with great animations, gestures, and rendering into the framework for greater control and flexibility in developing custom app designs. In addition, Flutter apps follow interface details (navigation, fonts, icons, scrolling) and platform design conventions for an optimized look and feel.

Flutter developers experience high velocity and instant feedback using the Hot Reload feature to handle code updates in real time, combining and customizing widgets to define the app structure and a modern reactive framework.

Hire Flutter developers and invest your engineering resources in building apps for all the targeted platforms (iOS, Android, web apps, desktop) with all the supporting packages in the Flutter ecosystem. Boost developers’ productivity and robustness by creating a Flutter app!

Flutter App Development Company

Flutter Development (Flutter 3)

Flutter is a free and open-source UI toolkit funded by Google to create multi-platform apps with a single codebase, allowing sharing and reusing code across iOS, Android, mobile, and desktop web browsers, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Flutter is a reactive framework built in Dart, designed in a series of layers, with independent libraries, its own engine built in C++, and a 2D rendering engine (Skia) that allows you to access any level of the stack and make changes.

Cross-platform development represents cost savings, as you only need one team of developers. Flutter development uses Dart language that compiles into native code. Dart can be just-in-time compiled (Jit) or ahead-of-time-compiled for release versions.

The Flutter engine and Dart compile released code to ARM code or Intel machine instructions in mobile or desktop apps and JavaScript using WebGL for Flutter web apps. Flutter 3 and Dart have an SDK to run or deliver code compiled natively on ARM64 and x64 binaries (architecture).

The Flutter framework is lightweight and has many high-level features implemented as packages, plugins, and platform-agnostic features built upon the Dart and Flutter libraries, allowing designers to replace any part of the layer.

Flutter App Development Company

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To build the app UI, Flutter uses widgets to define UI components that are combined, customized, and converted into objects. It’s critical for a project to hire Flutter developers with expertise in Flutter widgets.

Flutter renders the widgets directly (without bridges or switches) into the app, using a canvas to access native UI components, becoming visible on the device screen and accessing events and services. This approach uses one codebase and improves feature consistency as the app grows.

Flutter is programmed in a reactive style that easily determines changes made to the UI and rebuilds the app automatically without any loss of state. Flutter offers premade widgets and material design components to add functionality. The framework updates the interface at runtime when the app state changes.

The stateful Hot Reload feature is used during development to update changes into Dart Virtual Machine without restarting your app, updating classes with new field versions and functions to then rebuild the widget tree without the need to recompile fully.

Hot Reload and the ability to run multiple copies of the app at once makes it possible to run the app on multiple platforms in a responsive way to adapt screens to many windows sizes (desktop, web, and mobile).

Flutter app developers can add Flutter to your current Android or iOS app, avoiding rewriting the entire application, integrating instances into the existing app (native code) as a library or module, and rendering part of your app in Flutter. This add-to-app feature enables a hybrid navigation stack with native and Flutter screens for plugins for system services.

Flutter offers a demo (prebuilt add-to-app module) that puts Flutter to work for trying and testing Flutter and integration with existing Android and iOS apps with a UI to capture user feedback. This is an option for trying out Flutter without downloading the SDK.

Learn more about Flutter’s Architectural Overview

Firebase and Flutter are working together, and now you can add Firebase to your Flutter app and access it through Firebase-Flutter plugins. Learn more about registering and configuring your Flutter app to use Firebase.

Looking to Hire a Flutter App Developer?

Krasamo is an experienced Flutter app development company with more than 12 years of experience working with medium and large US clients.

When looking to hire a Flutter developer, the best option is to find a US-based company—a trustworthy partner with a skilled Flutter development team and a robust infrastructure.

Partnering with a Flutter development company creates a new source of advantage for delivering high-quality software faster. In addition, US clients benefit from dedicated Flutter developers that operate in the same time zone (CST), offer lower development costs, and use benefits from US–Mexico trade agreements and intellectual property protection. Learn more about nearshoring in Mexico.


Flutter App Development Services

Hire Flutter developers through Krasamo, a Flutter app development company, and access our know-how and techniques to launch your Flutter project.

Krasamo offers:

  • In-house UI/UX design teams experienced in cross-platform apps
  • Flutter for mobile development
  • Flutter web development
  • Flexible engagement models

About Us: Krasamo is a mobile app development company focused on the Internet-of-Things and Digital Transformation.

Click here to learn more about our mobile development services.


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