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Krasamo is a Texas-based mobile-first digital service and consulting company focused on IoT and Digital Transformation.

With more than 10 years of mobile design and development experience, we can effectively reduce your risk and time-to-market. We are now providing app developers for projects in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.


US customers can benefit by partnering with an app development company with development centers in the USA and Mexico that can offer a team of developers at lower rates. In addition to low-cost engagement options, other nearshoring benefits are proximity, similar time zone, intellectual property protection, and free trade agreements.

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  UI/UX Design

Building high-quality mobile apps begin with a great UI/UX design. Providing users with an intuitive, clean, and consistent user experience is essential to the success of your software project. Our UI/UX team can design (or re-design) your user experience (UX). Our design process can identify common use scenarios and help you choose a user experience tailored to your customer’s needs.

  IoT for Smart Manufacturing

Many technologies and platforms that have been developed for consumer IoT products can be hardened for use in industrial and manufacturing applications. Combining its extensive experience in building in-house enterprise solutions with its IoT know-how, Krasamo can craft solutions for monitoring and maintaining industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment, streamlining business operations, and improving workforce productivity.

  Mobile Apps

Krasamo has been developing production quality mobile apps since 2010. Our team has experience in developing both native and cross-platform mobile applications. Our collaborative software development process ensures high-quality results, rapid turnaround, accountability, and transparency.

  Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure enable the creation of robust services for mobile and web projects. These computing platforms provide sophisticated building blocks that allow experienced developers to quickly assemble robust and scalable services needed to power your next project.

  Digital Transformation

Improving productivity for a non-technical workforce is a huge challenge. Krasamo designs and implements custom mobile workflow solutions that help enterprise customers effectively manage data entry, track/manage their workforce, and provide just-in-time training and support. We can help you make your workforce more productive through Digital Transformation!

  IoT –  Internet of Things

Inexpensive sensors and actuators connected to the internet can extend the reach of computational devices and artificially intelligent systems to improve quality of life, conserve power, automate mundane tasks, and improve business efficiency and effectiveness. IoT has been core focus for Krasamo since its inception. Our engineers have the software and hardware skills to bring Io


App Development

Krasamo’s UI/UX team can design your next app, and our engineering team can bring it to life. We can help plan, manage, design, and execute the project from start to finish. We offer intuitive solutions for digital transformation, IoT, marketing/loyalty, and more. We will go beyond your expectations to find the best solutions for your success. Our experience with both native and cross-platform mobile technologies means that we can assist you with every step of your project. App developers in Phoenix are difficult to find, but don’t let that delay your project. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation today and learn more about the process of creating a mobile app with Krasamo.


Krasamo is an experienced app development company providing developers in Phoenix for the creation of mobile apps. Our development process has been proven successful with numerous large US corporate clients who have worked with us for many years. We develop a clear communication path with clients and discuss every detail of the process to align with client goals.

First, a Krasamo team meets with the client to plan a roadmap for the product development work. 

A UX/UI design team begins conducting UX research to validate the initial app ideas.

A well-implemented UX process ensures that the product will provide a solution to end-users as well as directs how they (people) perceive the app. UX designers develop prototypes and other artifacts to test their work and interact with end-users iteratively until the hypothesis is validated. 

The user interface (UI) involves graphical components and a design layout that interacts with and functions to satisfy users. As such, UX designers pass their work on to UI developers, who code the mobile app (or front-end), while the UX designers continue to interact with them throughout the cycle.

A mobile app runs on a mobile device and connects with other company systems, backend services through APIs. Therefore, it is critical to design the app architecture with the logic to integrate, process, and store data.

Krasamo can develop native or cross-platform apps that run on iOS and Android, and analyze the advantages and considerations for each specific use case. Also, depending on the type of app and functionality, we make sure to discuss the details about languages, frameworks, development environment, and which tools to choose.

Mobile app development is a lean-agile process that focuses on performance and scalability, works in iterations, and performs frequent changes, improving the product in every sprint session and throughout the development cycle.

Backend services are also developed to ensure the app will be reliable and delight end-users. Dev teams discuss architectural decisions, specific services to build, APIs, existing third-party services (capabilities) to adopt, and how to maintain the backend infrastructure.

We optimize functionality and performance continuously with manual and automated testing, analyzing the app components, validating test cases and scenarios, and contributing scenarios with feedback. App deployment and delivery are optimized through the continuous delivery and integration (CI/CD) process.

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