Digital Consulting Services

Krasamo is a full-service digital technology consulting firm that puts real-time capabilities to work with speed and flexibility to meet customers’ operations and software needs.

Why wait or delay your transformation plans? Embrace disruptive technologies and integrate digital capabilities with business operations for a smooth transition to the digital age.

How does your company respond to market uncertainties? Are you learning from customer interactions? Can you keep up with the pace of operations? What services should you build? How should you implement them?
Krasamo is a digital consulting agency and software development firm that partners with clients to create compelling products and services by maximizing user experiences through implementation of a continuous feedback cycle.

Innovative Teams & Operations

We exceed customer expectations by setting up teams that adopt a continuous mindset, integrating with our customers’ business models and operations to manage complexity and uncertainty. Teams focus on ongoing processes and business outcomes that unlock value.

Krasamo’s Digital
Consulting Services

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy

Krasamo’s digital consulting teams help customers develop strategies to plan processes and structure operations for continuous and predictable deliveries. Businesses are updated by implementing new management systems and utilizing tools that synchronize with the current pace of business—creating the conditions for experimentation and trying new approaches to learn and discover what works best.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

We craft a user-centered design approach with a robust iterative user research process that can turn a client’s request into an executable case. We practice short iteration cycles (design sprints) with real-time feedback to continuously validate ideas and prototypes.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Development Services

Our in-house development teams align with clients to support constant change by optimizing processes through agile methodologies and DevOps practices—adopting a small-batch approach, coding in small increments, refining, and learning through the feedback loop.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Our in-house cloud teams provide assessment and migration planning, help customers choose cloud providers, and move infrastructure, applications, and data to new cloud infrastructures using agile cloud migration project and delivery.

IoT Consulting

We carefully design and build IoT devices, firmware, mobile apps, and connectivity with open standards—platform-agnostic, interoperable, scalable, and secure IoT architecture.

Digital Strategy

Data Analytics Consulting

We build software with capabilities to produce real-time data and predictive models about user needs and behaviors in order to improve features and business processes as well as create disruptive products.

Why Krasamo?

Agile methodology

We develop a transparent process with product iterations and frequent releases of small pieces of code early in the project, enabling a feedback loop to see if the software is creating the desired business outcomes.

Feedback loop

We develop two-way communication with customers to continually gain new information in order to refine and deliver improvements to current solutions or develop new ones, giving speed and flexibility to the product development process.

Continuous deployment

We provide constant releases and continuously make incremental changes, showing new features, capabilities, or services—enabling us to increase or adapt product cycle rhythms according to market reaction and trends.

Self-directed teams

For each client’s projects, we appoint dedicated teams with expertise and decision-making authority that are coordinated using outcome-based roadmaps.


Lennox International
Fisher Price
Illinois Tool Works
Heatcraft Inc
Mattel Inc
Gov Planet
Airbus Helicopters
Ritchie Bros
Reichert, Inc.
Traulsen & Co., Inc.
Apogee Semiconductor
PHD, Inc
National Park Service

Krasamo’s Agile Digital CONSULTING SERVICES

Complex adaptative systems behave and interact in unpredictable ways, and users interact with products and features differently. The digital age has brought uncertainty and complexity that requires lean-agile management processes and techniques to transform businesses.

Krasamo has developed complex systems for working with clients to optimize and operate for creating value, scaled agile methodologies, and workflows, as well as developing alignment around strategy.

Are you looking to develop new features, capabilities, or services? Choose Krasamo—a full service digital consulting agency—as your local partner.

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