IoT Development
with Krasamo

With a unique strategy, Krasamo provides IoT development expertise that merges company resources with technologies to inspire and innovate.

IoT development transforms business operations by enabling the digitalization of physical operations and objects (things) that connect with sensors, software, systems, and other devices to exchange data over a network.

Products and processes adapt to the digital economy by becoming digitized and data-driven. As a result, enterprises pursuing operational performance must build an advanced IoT architecture with a purpose specifically designed for their products and processes.

IoT Development with Krasamo
Krasamo’s IoT development services help to create  tailored infrastructures for IoT products and operations that enterprises require to build competitive strength.
IoT developers have the technical expertise and knowledge about end users’ needs to make the best recommendations about IoT products and processes to help move your business to a new level.

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IoT Software Development

IoT software is part of the foundational system supporting a company’s digital operations, as it keeps devices connected, gathers data, and integrates them with daily operations—a basic step of digital operations needed to help the business grow. Once IoT software is developed and fully working, the business can scale with low incremental costs and minimal constraints.

Customized IoT software development builds on the basis of improving customer experiences and innovating on personalized experiences. In addition, IoT software enables the interactions of devices that are the source of data for many of the algorithms that power digital products and the digital core of the business.

IoT software enables the connectivity and coordination of devices and operational workflows, external applications, and tools that add solutions to specific business needs, creating true performance. IoT development helps integrate business operations and builds readiness to adapt to new conditions.

Companies incorporate products into IoT ecosystems to keep them working and connected to other companies and platforms; this allows them to share resources and benefit from collaboration-based business models, ultimately providing the agility to move into emerging technologies and respond to market shifts.
IoT software is designed to bring device connectivity and interoperability with platforms, protocols, and other devices. Advanced code with machine learning capabilities and digital tools are the main differentiators of digital business operations.

Partnering with an IoT development company can help your business add capabilities for connecting physical objects with devices, thereby providing superior experiences to your customers.

IoT Application Development

Once you have done a feasibility study to analyze the use case, an IoT consulting services partner can guide you in creating the app specifications, scope, roadmap, and delivery schedule. 

Design and development work on building a proof of concept (PoC) to verify the potential of your product idea and how it solves the problem. Then, a prototype with limited functionality is built to further validate your idea. 

Once a customer has agreed on a project, a minimum viable product (MVP) with a set of features is built. It performs UX research, design, and development iteratively to ensure its viability and solution. IoT apps are built with APIs that integrate with enterprise systems and are tested for proper functionality. IoT consultants can help design the IoT architecture and choose the technology stack. 

IoT development teams work with modular IoT architectures, so new modules and functionality can be added to ensure reliability, security, scalability, and maintainability. 

You can start your IoT development project by building and deploying an application using IoT platform services to manage devices and data. IoT platforms provide gateways, device management, APIs, cloud infrastructure, and third-party integrations.

IoT Application
Development Services

Develop functional and scalable applications with an IoT development company that can provide developers with proven experience in IoT development as well as the technical expertise to take advantage of IoT opportunities.

IoT Architecture Design

The design and development of an IoT architecture is a key differentiator for connectivity and interoperability of IoT systems, as it must consider the types of devices, applications, sensors, networks, protocols, and data models. IoT developers ensure the optimization of the app’s deployment.

IoT App Development
Develop data-intensive IoT apps with high connectivity, considering the data flow and data quality to ensure the effectiveness of your data-driven business operations. IoT apps define the device behavior in order to structure, process, and manage data.

IoT Platform Development

A dedicated team builds IoT platforms to perform cloud-based data architectures and handle device and data operations, storage, visualization, and analytics.
Embedded Development
The team designs and develops open-source embedded applications that meet real-time requirements and support microcontrollers’ features and functions.

BLE Firmware

IoT engineers design and develop code that controls devices’ low-level functions and communicates through Bluetooth. Modules are designed with customized firmware.
Wi-Fi Firmware
The IoT team will develop firmware for commercial and industrial applications that works with WI-FI modules, wireless MCUs, microcontroller SoC, and low-power network processors.

IoT Protocols

Devices use protocols (or rules) designed to communicate with other devices, systems, or gateways and, as such, are chosen by their context, scenario, and system layer where data will be sent and received.
Embedded Operating System
Develop data-intensive IoT apps with high connectivity, considering the data flow and data quality to ensure the effectiveness of your data-driven business operations. IoT apps define the device behavior in order to structure, process, and manage data.

IoT Developers

IoT has gone mainstream in business and industry, giving rise to more applications and functionality, advanced sensors, connectivity, and computing power—all of which have contributed to making IoT technologies more widely available as well as more affordable.

IoT development has become a specialty, and quality IoT developers can be difficult to find, often making it challenging for enterprises to build qualified teams on their own. A dedicated IoT development company can provide experienced development teams with the proven track record necessary to fulfil your company’s requirements.

Krasamo is an IoT development company based in Dallas, Texas, with software development centers in the USA and Mexico, serving medium to large U.S. clients.