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Flutter app development is about creating multi-platform (mobile, web, desktop, and embedded) fast applications from one codebase in Dart programming language. Flutter developers create delightful apps with a natural look and feel on any device without risking speed, quality, or performance.

Flutter app development gives consistency in the development process and the flexibility of having one team working on the same programming language and toolkit, saving thousands in development costs.


Flutter is a UI toolkit for creating native apps—an open-source software development kit (SDK) developed by Google. Flutter is a framework built with Dart and its rendering engine in C++. It offers a set of premade customizable widgets for creating native UI interfaces (Flutter apps), including the Material and Cupertino widget libraries, rich motion APIs, scroll controllers, and Hot Reload.

Flutter renders the app directly without any bridge or switches with the platform, making the app fast and responsive on any platform. Flutter renders the widgets using Canvas provided by the platform to show up on the devices and access services and events. Communicating and rendering UI components directly into the app increases responsiveness and performance, giving control over the rendering stack and avoiding the implications of communicating by bridges.

Flutter is built in Dart, which offers flexibility when tracing issues. In addition, it’s easier for debugging and accessing any level within the Flutter framework.

The app UI uses Flutter widgets to define many elements of the app structure, style, layout, etc. Flutter uses a functional reactive programming style and handles UI updates in real time to rebuild the app.

Flutter app development is about the arrangement of widgets to create different functionality of apps.

Flutter widgets are the building blocks for Flutter app development—where everything is a widget, describing parts of the user interface (immutable) and how to build them. There are existing widgets such as buttons, icons, columns, bars, input boxes, etc. Some widgets are even made or composed of other widgets. Widgets are combined and customized to form an app. Flutter developers work by building a hierarchy of widgets relationships, each specializing in handling different aspects, abstractions, and complexities.

Flutter App Development with Dart

Flutter apps are written in Dart, an object-oriented programming language with a structure similar to Java. Dart is an open-source programming language that is versatile in building Flutter apps, as it can be just-in-time compilation (Jit) and ahead-of-time-compiler to native machine code. Flutter app development provides a fast experience using the Hot Reload feature, as it updates the code changes and updates the running app in the running Dart Virtual Machine. Built widgets are re-run, rebuilding the entire widget tree and rendering a new frame.

Benefits of Flutter Apps

Flutter apps have many advantages that start with the possibility of working with many devices, positioning it as the best framework for mobile development. Flutter development provides native performance and consistency across platforms. Flutter app development benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Provides UI consistency rendering on every platform with advanced UI components and its own engine
  • Faster development speed using ready-to-use widgets and customization options
  • Immediate feedback with the Hot Reload update feature
  • Reduced development costs by hiring one team to build code for all platforms
  • Native-like performance as the app is built directly into machine code
  • Access OS-level features through available plugins and communication between Dart and native code through platform channels
  • Convert a mobile app to a Flutter web app or desktop by sharing its code
  • Open-source framework with an active community
  • Incrementally migrating apps to Flutter

Flutter App Development Services

Krasamo is a Flutter app development company in the USA with cross-platform mobile development expertise. Contact Krasamo for more information about Flutter app development or to hire Flutter developers in the USA or in our Mexico nearshore software development center.

About Us: Krasamo is a mobile app development company focused on the Internet-of-Things and Digital Transformation.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development at Krasamo

Cross Platform Mobile Development at Krasamo

Many organizations and business owners feel overwhelmed by the potential number of choices and allured by the promises of cross-platform app development, and thus decide to opt for a cross-platform solution as a compromise.

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Top Benefits of Flutter App

Top Benefits of Flutter App

Flutter app development offers numerous benefits, including reduced costs and complexity, flexible architecture with high stability, delightful app experiences with smooth UI, native performance, and a package ecosystem. It also allows for easy maintenance and supports continuous integration/continuous delivery. Krasamo, a Flutter app development company based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in providing expert solutions for medium to large US enterprises. With Flutter, businesses can streamline app development across multiple platforms and create unified brand-driven designs, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their mobile presence.

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