IT Services and Mobile App Development: Austin, Texas

Krasamo is a native Texas company with more than 10 years of experience in providing IT services to medium- and large-sized customers throughout the US.

Power your software development initiatives and create effective systems with an optimized development process model.

Embrace agile methods and DevOps practices that process work in small batches with continuous market feedback.

Benefits of Continuous App Development

Collaborative Teams

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Continuous learning culture

Design Systems

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Design thinking

Feature Lifecycle

  • Experimentation with selected groups of users
  • A/B testing, usability studies

Frequent Releases

  • Iterative development in small increments
  • Continuous refinement

Feedback Loop

  • Continuous feedback to
    refine products


  • Clear guidelines for operating
  • Spur creativity and experimentation

Process Automation

  • CI/CD pipeline using
    DevOps practices

Lean Management

  • Cost Reduction
  • Decrease of Delays

IT Services in Austin, Texas

Custom mobile workflow solutions that automate business processes for continuous improvement.

Management systems with securely connected operating devices, including expertise in data management, device security, and wireless protocols.

Native and cross-platform mobile applications, using lean methodology to create fast, quality results, including transformation of complex environments into mobile solutions.

Robust services for mobile and web projects, using top platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure to assemble scalable and vendor-neutral solutions that provide quick power.

Intuitive, clean, and consistent user experiences that identify scenarios and develop tailored solutions.

IoT—Internet of Things

IoT for Smart Manufacturing

Industrial process and equipment management as well as streamlined business operations.

Intuitive, clean, and consistent user experiences that identify scenarios and develop tailored solutions.

We help our customers create and sustain value through digital solutions, creating the synergies needed to grow in the digital age.

Mobile Development in Austin

At Krasamo, a UI/UX design team, together with a project manager and a technical lead, prepare a plan and develop a roadmap with design proposals that are validated through usability studies and other methods to obtain feedback before handing the project to development.

Once the user interface has been established with style guides and rendered designs have been adequately aligned and positioned, the architecture of the system is designed. Evaluating the cost and effectiveness of the approach and front-end (the mobile app) development is vital for a successful project—and back-end (API & server) technologies must also be considered for maximum performance and scalability.

Agile methodologies are applied in the development process, with

iterations that deliver frequently through “sprints” that adapt to changes quickly, through the feedback loop, in cycles that involve planning, development, testing, and reviewing.

Testing methods assure quality after each sprint, solving issues in the early stages and performing immediate modifications to a previous release without compromising the timeline of project. A flexible version control mechanism that works on future builds simultaneously leads to faster releases.

Mobile app innovation is driving competitive success, and customer teams must learn and adapt to a first-mobile DevOps culture with access to techniques and organizational knowledge for improving the learning rate—all of which can be quickly adopted through a collaborative partnership with Krasamo.

IT Services Outsourcing—Increase your company’s odds for success in projects such as app development, Internet of Things, machine learning, and digital transformations by partnering with an experienced Krasamo team.

Attractive Projections for
IT Services in Austin

Austin, the capital of Texas, has become one of the most progressive and entrepreneurial cities in the country—it is now known as “Silicon Hills” because of its technology cluster. Austin is a top destination for venture capital, incubators, and accelerators, as well as live music, art, culture, and entertainment.

Business relocation to Austin has skyrocketed in recent years, creating a boom in office space leasing, job creation, and home building, thereby converting the city into a robust space for doing business. Corporate headquarters and regional offices, manufacturing, creative and digital media technology, clean technology, life sciences, space technology, and data management are the primary drivers of Austin’s economy.

Other significant business attractions in Austin include a lower tax structure, lower operating costs, younger demographics, higher labor force productivity, pleasant weather conditions, and the central location, to name just a few.

Austin is home to many prominent companies, with top employers such as the University of Texas, the Texas state government, Google, Dell Technologies, Whole Foods, National Instruments, Oracle, Apple, and IBM, among others.

The city has long been a leading center for tourism thanks to the Circuit of the Americas, with a cumulative economic impact of $5 billion since its creation in 2010. Main events have included the Formula 1 USGP, Autonation Indicar Challenge, MotoGP, GT World Challenge America, Lone Star Le Mans, and X Games, as well as frequent events with favorite artists and music bands. Austin is also called the “live music capital of the world,” with more than 250 live music venues and a vibrant arts scene.

In addition to emphasizing all of these attractions, Austin has lured tech giants with incentives and grants—a recipe for success. Community groups, organizations, and the chambers of commerce have also collaborated to provide investors with the right atmosphere for looking at Austin as their perfect place to relocate.

Seeing rapid growth in the demand for IT services in Austin, Krasamo is exploring opportunities to expand, develop strategic partnerships, and set up teams to work on new customer projects.

Our engineering teams are always ready to discuss new opportunities and offer our recommendations on mobile app development
through a discovery session.

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