5 Powerful Graphic/UX Designer Tools Everyone Ought to Know About

by Mar 4, 2021#UIUXDesign

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Table of Content

  1. The importance of UX Designer Tools
  2. Ludus
  3. Lottie
  4. Mock-up Generator
  5. Really Good UX
  6. Buy Me a Coffee
  7. To conclude on UX Designer Tools

The importance of UX Designer Tools

Building a solid reputation as a designer takes years of patience, hard work, and dedication to your craft. Whether you are building a career as a UX designer (user experience) or a graphic designer, the UX designer tools you use can have a significant impact on your success rate. Thanks to developers within the design space, there are more tools than ever before for designers like yourself. Review the following roundup of top tools for designers to see which ones will make it to your designer’s must-use list.


If you want to take your digital presentation skills to the next level, consider integrating Ludus into your design repertoire. Their awesome interface lets you incorporate everything from videos to Dropbox files and virtual reality components into your design presentations. Ludus works with multiple resources including InVision, SoundCloud, Framer, Figma, and YouTube. Editing and slide syncing are super simple. Ludus offers a myriad of additional features for designers including drag-and-drop content creation, PDF/HTML exporting, and team collaboration. Once you discover Ludus for your UX and graphic design needs, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted precious time on laborious tasks in the past.


If you want to quickly add animation to your designs, discover Lottie. Available from Airbnb, Lottie lets you integrate multiple animations into your code creations and customize your designs as needed. Add layers, patterns, and cool text animations without needing to create code from scratch. Animate anything from your login screens to brand logos for your clients.

Mock-up Generator

Creating design mock-ups is part of your job as a designer. Whether you are showing a client potential UX designs for their mobile app or showcasing your proposed website design to a client, you’ll often need to show customers how their design will look on a digital device. Available from App Launchpad, Mock-up Generator makes it easy to highlight your creations on a variety of devices. With 1,000 templates to choose from, you can highlight your work and tweak everything from your fonts to your background images. Mock-up Generator lets you download your designs, format resolutions to suit your needs, and show your designs in a variety of settings. Whether you’re creating a design for an iPhone, iMac, or smartwatch, Mock-up Generator has you covered.

Really Good UX

If you want to become a better designer, reviewing the work of other talented designers is a smart tactic. Really Good UX makes is super simple to view the user experience designs of others for anything from user onboarding flows to tool tip designs and up-sell prompts. Peruse the designs you’ll find on Really Good UX and you’ll be impressed at how quickly you feel inspired to improve the designs you offer clients.

Buy Me a Coffee

Showcasing your design talents can often feel like you’re constantly creating but not necessarily earning revenue for your talents. Thanks to Buy Me a Coffee, you can now accept donations from admirers of your work. Buy Me a Coffee lets you create a landing page for fans to peruse and accept donations via Stripe or PayPal. Share your Buy Me a Coffee URL on social media to help potential patrons discover your design talents. Whether you want to earn tips for your UX designs, animations, illustrations, or even your photography, you can connect with your fans and receive rewards for your work. If you host your own design blog, Buy Me a Coffee is a terrific way to monetize your site without intrusive advertisements. 

To conclude on UX Designer Tools

These are just five of many resources you can consider adding to your designer’s toolbox. The more effort you put into curating your designer’s resource list, the greater your chances are of becoming a top-quality designer who commands high rates for their work. If you are interested in learning about UI/UX Design, please visit our article entitled “Understanding Use Cases, Use Case Scenarios, User Stories, Flow Charts“.

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Using High-Fidelity Wireframes to Document UX Cases

Using High-Fidelity Wireframes to Document UX Cases

A wireframe is a tool within the discipline of UI/UX design that consists of a graphically simple 2D representation of a product, screen, concept, UX case, etc. for a user interface, without setting colors, specific shapes, final icons, etc.